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The book is conceived as a standard reference art guide. A comprehensive printed compendium of all important living artists in painting, graphic arts, digital art, installation art, sculpture and photography, that is yearly published by Mrs.Ulrich Goette Himmelblau. The high-quality illustrated book is designed as a helpful and competent compendium reference for all audiences interested in art, private and public art collectors, including curators and gallery owners. All in all a superb and exquisite edition. Collected and archived by the famous and well- respected German National Library. Artists featured in the book were selected by the publisher only. Format: 19 x 21 cm Pages: approx. 400 Printed on matt high quality paper, 150g/qm. Presentation at Frankfurt and Leipzig Book Fair Price: € 40,00
Inclusion in: HIMMELBLAU  ArtCompass A handbook for all art collectors including curators and gallery owners. Published by Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, Germany. Edition 2018-2019